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About Us

VetCatch is a Florida born organization dedicated to using fishing and boating to focus on physical and mental healing for our disabled veterans. We are committed to restoring a sense of self through positive connections, outdoor adventure, and relieving stress on the open water.  



VetCatch is a registered 501 (C) (3) charitable organization that prides itself in going above and beyond for our Veterans. We have committed ourselves to giving every available dollar to fund activities for our heroes. All monetary donations will directly support travel, lodging accommodations, meals, fishing charters, apparel, etc. Only after funding the direct activities will any remaining balance of our donations go to support our administrative and fundraising expenses. Because VetCatch board members are all Veterans and/or currently serving, we do not collect a salary from VetCatch whatsoever. Each board member is dedicated to volunteering his time and service to give back to those who deserve it the most!